Next-level engagement.

Hyperchannel is an exciting new second-screen app to add interactivity and monetise online video - linking creators, brands and consumers for mutual benefit.

Using audio watermarking technology from Intrasonics, timely and relevant content is triggered within the app, in sync with the playing video.

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About the App

Monetise without Compromise

Hyperchannel implicitly handles calls-to-actions by delegating task-focused activities to the mobile screens of subscribers. Leveraging the additional screen real-estate the smartphone affords keeps content flowing, authentic and less 'pushy'.

Hyperchannel elegantly solves the creator's dilemma - the question of how to promote products and services to fund your channel while at the same time maintaining an authentic, organic and personal voice in your content.

No more "Hard Sell"

Explicit promotion in your videos is a turn-off for your audience. Get smarter with your monetisation strategies and engage your audience with Hyperchannel.

Rich, Seamless Interactions

Audio Watermarking creates a seamless connection using the mic between the playing video and companion content shown in the app.

Community Polls

Learn over time about what matters to your viewers. Gain confidence in knowing what brands and promotions are a good fit for your content.

Sponsored Surveys

Offer brands the chance to learn from the collective wisdom of your audience and generate revenue.

Donations & Fundraising

Collect donations directly from subscribers. Top donors each month are highlighted showing a growing total against a target amount.

Automated Product Discovery

No more digging for links in the video description text - product information is shown to the user at precisely the right time to harness purchase intent.

In-app Shopping (Coming Soon)

Users can add products featured in a video to a universal shopping cart.

Take Back Control...

YouTube's Interactive Cards block video content from view and favour large brands running their own e-commerce sites.

Hyperchannel's second-screen app helps creators take back control of monetisation and advertising from YouTube. And because the video and devices are not connected digitally, there is no way for YouTube to dictate how creators operate.

Partnership Required

Content Creators must join the YouTube Partner Program.

Restricted Monetisation

Content Creators must own and/or operate external sites (and validate via server changes) in order to redirect traffic from Interactive Cards.

Limited Control With AdSense

Pre/Post/Mid Roll advertising controlled by YouTube. Potential for negative brand associations.

Encode & Publish

Enrich your Content

Hyperchannel Publisher, our online encoding tool, allows creators to add audio triggers to present information and interactivity at the times of most impact.

Your second screen content is distributed to users of the app automatically and even works offline.

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For Brands

Leverage trusted relationships built over time by influencial content creators.

Hyperchannel puts your brand in the hands of consumers when it matters most.

Using innovative Audio Watermarking technology from Intrasonics, your products are presented at key moments of engagement triggered by the audio in the playing video.

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Experience how Hyperchannel can help build your personal brand, engage your audience and create new revenue opportunities by downloading the app for your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my video need to be 'encoded'?

Hyperchannel Publisher adds extra patterns of sound known as Audio Watermarks to your video. This extra information goes unnoticed by our brains but is recognised by the Hyperchannel app.

The Audio Watermarks we add are unique to your video allowing the Hyperchannel app to identify and sync with your content.

What is a second-screen app?

Second-screen apps for smartphones are those that augment and enhance the viewing experience of watching video on a primary screen such as a TV or desktop/laptop computer.

How do Creators make money with Hyperchannel?

Creators get paid to share Sponsored Surveys with their audience, and receive referral fees when products are purchased via the app.

How do Brands make money with Hyperchannel?

With a higher level of engagement and increased product discovery, retailers and brands can benefit from an uptick in clickthroughs compared to content creators showing plain links in the YouTube video description.